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Dynamic webapps Built to allow your users to register/login, access your content and create their own content. User access is role based, which means that their actions are restricted to those of the role's profile.
Admin tools A way for your webapp admin to control overall content or that of specific users, change global app settings and connect users to specific roles.

Business functions Custom functionality for your webapp. You specify the requirements and we implement them.

If the existing application is not built by us, no problem, we can also do it after we analyse your application (part of our Consultancy package).

Technical interviews You need developers or testers. We can help you with verifying their technical skills as part of your recruitment process.

We can also assist you with creating job descriptions (part of our Consultancy package).

Trainings You need to improve your technical skill base. Sure, we can help.

Here are some of the subjects you might be interested in:

- improving legacy code

- OOP done right

- practical refactoring

Consultancy From a technical POV, we can help you with:

- product business goal compliance

- end-to-end product assessment

- product feasibility report

- test automation strategy and start-up

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